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Red Cat For Pink is a global women’s advocacy organization that promotes community-based health, education and economic empowerment services and programs in the United States. 

Our Programs

Some of Red Cat in Pink’s programs and activities:

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles and behaviors through wellness projects. 
    • Health & Wealth Conference
    • Red Cat for Pink 2-Mile Walk Challenge
  • Supporting economic development and entrepreneurship.
    • A partnership with Lemonade Day in Houston/Galveston 
  • Providing mentoring and educational support to our young people.
    • Young Cats Summer Workshops
    • Red Cat Rising Star Competition



We would like to welcome you to our web site. I am pleased that you have decided to visit us and hope that you will find useful information about Red Cat for Pink’s projects.

The world of education changes quickly. More and more efforts are being made to support and enhance educational development around the world. Being fully aware of the importance of educational development as a powerful tool in creating the better world, Red Cat for Pink’s activities serve as a foundation towards this noble goal. We believe in education for life and education for change. Thus, attempting to provide equal access to our educational programs worldwide, we are inspiring and motivating the new generations of young leaders, creating a network of educators and leaders for life.

The Red Cat for Pink provides opportunities for professional improvement and quality international education as well as valuable networking programs for undergraduate, graduate and executive level individuals. I hope you will enjoy learning about the many opportunities Red Cat for Pink has to offer and that we will have the pleasure of welcoming you in one of our future programs.

 Red Cat for Pink